Women’s role in the campaign/ administration

1.    Many positions are available for women.  I believe in equal opportunity.  I’d like to see women in as many different positions as possible.

2.    Need women to help with fundraising.

3.    Interns:  Since interns have become a fixture in any Washington D.C. staff, we will hire fifteen interns.  This will give us two to work each day, seven days a week.  They get an office right next door to the next Nevada U.S. Senator’s office in a broom closet.  We will have one extra girl to be on call.

4.    Will form an all-female army to appeal to the feminist block of voters.  Will have two armies ready to attack any situation in the world. We will surround and smother the enemy on two fronts.  The first front will consist of a large group between two thousand to five thousand weemen.  There job will be to talk the enemy to death.  The enemy will then run to the other side of that particular area.  They will then run into the second front of about two hundred weemens, all hookers.  Once we get the enemy in the submissive position then we’ve got them. No basic training will be necessary and no pay will be necessary. They are already precision trained and will be glad to do it for free. We will need to hire men to teach the all-female army to salute properly.

5. Have been contacted by representatives from the present administration about helping to create a new government agency with women leaders. I will be in charge of finding a women to be director of The Homeland Housekeeping Security Maintenance Division (THLHKSMD) pronounced (THLIKSMID). We will be contacting NOW and W-O-MEN (http://www.w-o-men.com) to help with the search and interview process.

6. As far as women go on the campaign trail, I make all women happy, some when I show up and some when I leave.

to all women: make men accountable. do not allow them to leave you with a child and not live up to their responsibility.

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