Very Hairy

It’s time to go. You have been here too long (See investigation). You need to 
get J.F.Kerry out of our house. Back to Searchlight. When you get there you can 
go to the Searchlight restaurant of the year and get together with some of your 
90 year old girlfriends from high school. Then you can sit there and gum down 
some pancakes for a couple of hours, go sit on the swing on the poach and watch 
the cars pass by one every 3 hours. Now if you take this approach you won’t have 
to worry about that tough job of spending everyone’s money any longer. It’s time 
to get behind the idea that all of you people who have been there too long, are 
the problem. Hairy, and it won’t be long now. Besides hairy aren’t you anxious 
to get back to your real job, where you earn the bulk of your money. What is 
your real job, back in your hometown?

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