Teachers, Police, Firemen, Highway Patrol

all will be getting raises, without question.
once again the key subject here is raises and we will make some of them retro-active.
we may go back 10-15 years and have retro-active pay.
we know that the state has money put aside that can be used to effectuate this plan.
also there are other means to get more money for what is needed.   read economy               (lotto, toll booths, dmv
increases for those who do not have a drivers license).

all will get one. did not hairy reid get a raise this year. isn’t his retirement building up nicely
don’t all politicians have a great health care plan, different than the one being pushed on
our citizens.

all will be getting raises, this includes highway patrol. there will be raises. end of story.
we will revisit some of their contracts over the last 15 to 20 years and if there are some inequities we will make corrections
and even if nothing is wrong, we may just give them a nice fat stipend for their service. as always if the state lawmakers do not
act, then we will use GEO.


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