Tarkanian follow up

We could go with Paradise Blvd. being changed to Tarkanian Blvd.
Robert Maxim (the fuck-up) will not be allowed in the state.
Tarkanian may just be the greatest college coach ever.
the way the game is played today, up tempo and pressing all over the court
started right here at UNLV in the 1970’s. We certainly don’t see anyone
playing that innovative 4 corners offense.
The 1976/77 UNLV may be the best team that ever walked on a college
basketball court.
110 points per game
22 point victory margin
2 guys Sam Smith and Tony Smith who both shot from 40 feet with accuracy
and at least 2 others who could shoot a 3 pointer.
Reggie Theus, who like Jordan was not allowed to go off for 40 points
at a moments notice, even though he could have. Wasn”t he also voted in
the NBA top 50 players
I have not seen one team since before or after 1976/77 that would intimidate
that team.
Also let”s not forget one key element here. They played in 1976/77
without a 3 point play. You can only dream about what kind of havoc they
would bring shooting the 3.
Ask Vitale if I might be correct

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