Take it back

if i say it i will not take it back
all women need to be given a cookbook by the age of three

trump takes nothing back

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  • Dear Mr. Marinch:

    We, the Coalition for National Referendum, are writing
    to you a Candidate for Governor, (www.nationalreferendum.

    Seventeen Political Candidates support the “statement”
    contained below. (The names and contact information for
    these Political Candidates are at the end of this email and
    on our Website.)

    We are writing to you regarding the “seizure” of the Bundy
    Ranch, in Nevada, by Federal Authorities and how these
    actions can be STOPPED whether they apply to Grazing
    Rights, confiscation of certain types of guns, the IRS, or the
    partial confiscation of Bank Accounts.

    The Bundy Ranch, which has been in their family since the
    1870’s, was “seized” by Federal Authorities on April 5th. The
    Federal Authorities who in some cases had machine guns,
    also deployed helicopters and snipers. Over 200 Federal
    Agents were assembled to roundup Mr. Bundy’s cattle. On
    April 12th the Bundy family with the help of approximately
    1,000 protesters were able to get the Federal Authorities to
    back down and return the cattle that were taken. (Sources:
    The Washington Free Beacon, April 8, 2014; FoxNews.com,
    April 13, 2014)

    AFTER these events had taken place former Congressman
    and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul “is warning
    Americans of a Waco-like end to the standoff between rancher
    Cliven Bundy and the federal government, saying that even
    though the armed agents have left the land, the atmosphere is
    still heated.” (Source: The Washington Times, April 15, 2014)

    AFTER these events had taken place “Senate Majority
    Leader Harry Reid said he believes the supporters who rallied
    around Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in his fight against the
    federal government are “domestic terrorists.” Senator Reid
    further stated “the government cannot stop pursuing the
    issue.” (Source: FoxNews.com, April 17, 2014)

    1. Guns – Will President Obama issue an Executive Order
    to have Federal Agents confiscate certain types of guns? Will
    the United Nations treaty on arms regulation be ratified by the
    United States Senate and then translated to require Federal
    Agents to confiscate certain types of guns?

    2. IRS – Who will the IRS target next? What organizations?
    What group of individuals?

    3. Grazing Rights – Which Ranches will be next to have their
    Ranches “seized?”

    4. Bank Accounts – In Cyprus the Government has already
    confiscated part of peoples Bank Accounts. In the United
    States and the United Kingdom the Federal Deposit Insurance
    Corporation (FDIC) and the Bank of England have issued a 15
    page document, dated December 10, 2012, called the
    “Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial
    Institutions.” This would allow Banks that fail to withdraw
    money from depositors accounts, without their consent, to
    recapitalize the Bank. (Source: The Huffington Post, April 3,
    2013, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ellen- brown/banks-

    To Stop the Totally Discretionary power of the Federal
    Government to physically confiscate real and personal
    property each State MUST enforce their States Rights under
    the 10th Amendment.

    In theory the 10th Amendment does not allow States to
    change Federal Law. In reality the States of Colorado and
    Washington are right NOW, by legalizing the recreational use
    of marijuana, changing Federal Law.

    Why doesn’t the Federal Government even make an
    attempt to stop this? Because in a Referendum Colorado
    passed a Law by 55% to legalize marijuana. In a Referendum
    Washington State passed a similar Law by 56%.

    Therefore if each State passed a law by Referendum,
    stating that Federal Authorities could not enter their State to
    physically confiscate real or personal property without a
    majority vote of approval by the Legislature of that State the
    Federal Government would not try to overturn that Law.

    Further this Law would NOT overturn a Federal Law. This
    Law would NOT even be overturning a Federal Regulation.
    Federal Authorities entering a State to confiscate real or
    personal property is a TOTALLY discretionary act. TOTALLY
    discretionary means it is at the Federal Authorities whim to
    act or not act. The 10th Amendment clearly gives States
    Full Rights to protect their citizens against the whims of the
    Federal Government.

    We would like to list your name (State, Website and/
    or email address) on our Website, http://www.nationalreferendum.
    org, in support of the following:

    “We support States holding Statewide Referendums that
    would require that the State Legislature in each State approve,
    by majority vote, any physical confiscation, by Federal
    Authorities, of real or personal property from any citizen of that
    State piror to such action taking place.”

    “If Federal Authorities reenter Mr. Bundy’s Ranch and
    confiscate Mr. Bundy’s cattle those cattle shall be returned
    in full.”

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel
    free to contact me at 1-800-331-8918 or reply to this email.

    We thank you for reading this email and look forward
    to hearing from you.

    With best wishes always, I am,

    Myron Goretzky
    Coalition for National Referendum

    The Political Candidates who support the “statement”
    contained above are:

    John Jaramillo
    United States Senate Candidate
    Republican, Alaska


    Erin Kent Magee
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    17th Congressional District, Florida
    Email: erin.kent.magee@gmail.com

    Minister Derrick E Grayson
    United States Senate Candidate
    Republican, Georgia
    Email: info@graysoncommittee.com

    Sharon N. Hansen
    United States Senate Candidate
    Libertarian Party, Illinois
    Email: admin@sharonhansenforsenate.org

    Raymond Wardingley
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    1st Congressional District, Illinois
    Email: RayWardingley99@msn.com

    Teri Davis Newman
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    12th Congressional District, Illinois
    Email: TeriDavisNewman@aol.com

    Mark Levya
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    1st Congressional District, Indiana
    Email: markleyva1959@sbcglobal.net

    Peter Konetchy
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    4th Congressional District, Michigan
    Email: pete@peterkonetchy.com

    Ron Williams
    Libertarian Party Congressional Candidate
    4th Congressional District, Mississippi

    Email: williams@yahoo.com“>hsi.ronwilliams@yahoo.com

    John Wayne Tucker
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    3rd Congressional District, Missouri

    Carlo Poliak
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    4th Congressional District, Nevada
    Email: Texsano@cox.net

    David Macko
    Libertarian Party Congressional Candidate
    14th Congressional District, Ohio
    Email: dmacko@roadrunner.com

    Erick Wyatt
    United States Senate Candidate
    Republican, Oklahoma.
    Email: erick@erickwyatt.com

    Pavel Goberman
    United States Senate Candidate
    Democrat, Oregon
    Email: Allbefit@aol.com

    Gary Gene Davis
    United States Senate Candidate
    Democrat, Tennessee
    Email: jaygarydavis@juno.com

    James Stanczak
    Libertarian Party Congressional Candidate
    29th Congressional District, Texas
    Email: jamesstanczak@hotmail.com

    Mark Donka
    Republican Congressional Candidate
    At Large, Vermont
    Email: mark@markdonkaforvt.com

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