We need to investigate every current member of the house and senate, that has 
been in office more than 2 terms or is running for a third term. The F.B.I. 
should do the investigation. What needs to be checked is the net worth of each 
of these individuals today and compare it to the day they came to Washington. If 
anything appears out of line there will be no problem, because each one of them 
will without a doubt be able to explain how they have for years been working on 
behalf of the American people. Of course I prefer to give all the bastards the 
benefit of the doubt, because I’m sure that none of them would try to line their 
slimeball pockets. I don’t think we should limit the investigtion. It should 
include all immediate family members of our beloved representatives just to be 
Democratic and fair. The reason I ask for the investigation is that I can’t 
imagine why these people would want to stay in Washington so long. You are not 
supposed to be there to make money for yourself . Are we not there to do the 
work of the people? I represent the state of Nevada and I think that it is only 
fair that we start the investigation here in Nevada. I ask that the F.B.I. 
consider this as my official request on behalf of the American people to start 
the investigation now. We probably won’t find anything, since this is one of the 
most trustworthy groups of individuals in the country. On the other hand, it’s 
nice that we as a people can police ourselves and show that everything is above 
board.  2 questions come up. 1) What is the big attraction in Washington D. C.? 
2) Should not all of these people be in a hurry to go back home to their real 
job where they earn their living and make their real money?
since the state of nevada wants to lead the way
let the investigation begin right here and now in nevada with hairy reid.

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