Economy/ Health Care

health care:
we trust and take our present administration at their word.
so, as far as i am concerned you will be able to keep your doctor and your health plan

will offer a plan similar to what the school districts have similar to the united/ sierra plan
for those who do not have one or for those who were stroked by the present administration.


the state of nevada has money and we will distribute it back to the people.

make no mistake, this economy is in a mess. the banks are still holding on to foreclosures
in a good economy they would not do that. to say that the unemployment rate is under 10% is
a lie. it is at least 16-18%.
to revive this pitiful climate that has been created we need something or someone that we do not have.
we need someone to inspire the entrapaneur to invest upwards of a million dollars to start a new business or expand an exsisting one.
in order for this to happen you need to be confident in your leader in the white house. i will call this entrapaneurial confidence.
do not see it and it is not to there. the last 2 presidents to have it were Kennedy and Reagan and they had it big time.
they inspired the hell out of there base and the other party had no problem with business
as usual, moving forward and taking a little risk. it’s not there today.

so we we need to move forward with our own state plans.

plan on how we will pay for some of the items that i have proposed, such as:
1: the raises for teachers, police, hwy. patrol and firemen.
there are at least 3 ways to raise money to help pay for these raises, in addition to the large war chest of money
that the state has built up.

2. the fundraising for breast cancer, veteran’s and athletic fields, has a
plan that is coming soon.

until we pass national term limits we will have a new filing fee
for anyone who feels the need to stay in office for more than 2 terms. for a u.s. senate position it will
be $250,000. the law will be immediately passed by nevada lawmakers or we can
just use GEO.

6% int. maximum for credit cards

“important” the effects of borrowing money !!!!!!

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