CCSD and all school districts and PERS

there are some definite issues here that need to be addressed and they will
get your books in order fast
pay raises for teachers, deans and principals/ asst. principals
20% pay cuts for some of the people making $125k to $250k and up.
i know some of you can’t wait to hear more.

it appears that some people here have a conflict of interest

attention ccsd: teachers will be getting raises.

attention parents: the reason we do not have good behavior in the classroom that we want,
the high quality of student that we always want, along with good grades and high test scores on SAT exams’
is not the fault of the teachers in the high percentage of cases. we do not need a system being proposed to grade teachers.
the problem is look in the mirror. it’s not the teachers, it’s the parents. if parenting is done properly
the problems are minimal. Fatherhood is is an answer to the problem.
we have some fathers in this country who do not understand there role in life


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