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November 8, 2016
In the words of arguably the greatest comedian of all time.
” How sweet it is ”

What went on in Colorado is exactly why Trump has the support
of the people. We have backroom deals in Washington and now we
have them in Colorado. the question that needs to be asked of
the Colorado republican party is “Who are the 5,6 or 8 guys
that sneaked into some room and when nobody was looking
voted to keep the people of Colorado from casting a vote in the
primary”. More backroom deals.

Veteran’s of the United States Military

The government won’t do it so we the people will build housing
facilities across the country for veterans in need. They will be in the form of
3 bedroom condo units. The first project will house 4000 families.
The facilities will include recreation areas, workout rooms, play ares for kids,
security guards and more. Doctors,lawyers,accountants and different types of
counselors will donate their services on a regular basis. The land for the first
facility is in the process of being donated. Their will be at least 8 projects
nationwide. The first one will be here in the Las Vegas area. The 17 people who
were on stage as republican candidates for the 2016 presidency will help with
this project. 2 of the 3 democrat candidates will help also. She (it) will not
be allowed to help. She is not fit to be around the veterans of this great
country. Make America great again.

more to come


do not pass go. do not collect $200.
so as to not have to say her name we will call her (it)
example: What’s it doing now
jane fonda:(bitchface) needs to not pass go and then go with you
in an orange suit and then go fuck herself in the ass.
vince foster
what will she do next? 1 to 10.

test post

thanks to john ralston for being one of my biggest
supporters. thanks again big john.