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My name is Gary Marinch
and I am a candidate in 2016 for Nevada U.S. Senator.
I endorse Donald Trump in the 2016 race for the United States President.
Make America great again.
The polls show that I am at 69% to win the republican nomination.
Thank you Mr. Donald Trump for being America”s
Bridge Over Troubled Water.
Donald Trump may be America’s last hope to turn these career politicians
into a memory. Otherwise this nonsense will never end.
In God we trust. Not Career Politicians.
The 2016 election is call by the people for term limits.
We need to term limit all of these bastards in Washington D.C.
Trump will win 40+ states and win over her (it) in a landslide.

“Due to personal circumstances i will not run for office in 2016.
Will update site regularly and give commentary.

TEO/GEO Executive Orders: This Is So Good

A large thank you to the present administration for
the constant and improper use of executive orders.
But we will take it. The idiots who have been Washington
too long chose to watch this take place and do nothing. Situation normal. Whether anyone likes it or not we now consider this to mean that the precedent is set. Even if it isn’t too bad for you idiots. Sorry (stupid idiots). More than anything the democrats want this b.s. because
their guy is the one doing it and they have said not a word.
So now their is nothing you can do if the next president
decides to give executive on items such as these:
repeal health care
repeal roe vs. wade
repeal title nine and replace with title 69.
pardon it
in 2104 c gov use GEO gov exec ord or gary eo
now in jan. 2017 we will call it in Wash. D.C. TEO
You idiot asses let this happen. Now live with it.

Tarkanian/ follow up

If I Win

There are some people , you know who you are , who better look out.
who is on the list? rm