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2016 campaign for NV. U.S. Senate/ under construction / Platform

disrupt and break down and push anyone who has been in the house or senate for more than 2 terms to leave and go back home.
the goal is national term limits .
remember both parties voted us in to this 20 trillion
dollar debt.

most everything on this website was used in the 2014 Nevada governor campaign.
I will be a candidate in 2016 in the Nevada U.S. Senate race.
most of the content will be adjusted and used in the 2016 race, but is now under construction
until around may of 2015. all except the recent link on the New England Patriots, which is very
current and appropriate.

New England Patriots/ Belichick/ Brady

This will clarify everything on air pressure in footballs. This will cut through and define exactly what the problem is
and tell all exactly what should be happening in the NFL.
Let’s assume for the sake of argument that there are will be 70 plays run by each team in the super bowl. Brady and his center will touch the ball 70 times each and Wilson and his center will do the same. Now who is it that will touch the ball 140 times? The officials will spot it ready for play all 140 times.
How many touches will it take for them to know if there is anything improper with the ball? To illustrate this point even more you can watch a major league baseball game. The pitcher throws a pitch and as the catcher is throwing it back to him the umpire jumps out of his spot and calls for the ball back. He knows by seeing and not even touching it that there is something wrong with the ball. An NBA referee can spin a basketball a certain way and see imperfections and bounce it a few times and tell immediately if properly inflated. Why is it that these men can do this? Because it is their job and they do it well. They are well paid to do this. They do not miss this stuff. Guess what? NFL referees are every bit as good and well paid. Most NFL coaches get aggravated with officials at least once a game, but all, most likely, would admit how difficult their job is and that they do it well. Many of these officials appear to be 20+ years older than the players, yet they can run down the field chasing some of the greatest and most well conditioned athletes
in the world and get the ball perfectly spotted where it needs to be, with very little mistake. So with that said, what makes the NFL or anyone else in their right mind think that they would not know within 1 or 2 plays that the ball was off? Who’s kidding who here? Also, apparently people who are the experts must think that a player can intercept a pass and know that something is wrong after one touch of the ball, but the officials can not catch this. Why is there nothing being said by the league about how they are investigating the officials for not catching this? This is not about some equipment guy touching the balls. The NFL already has a system in place to catch this. They have extremely competent officials working for them to fix it right during the game.
Now possibly someone may want to accuse the officials of being involved. This is over for the Patriots. This is a pile of garbage. More than likely a lot of jealousy out there. Most importantly we do not need to hear from ex-player tv analysts, ex coaches, blowhard political spokesmen for the White House and some guest on the Hannity show named Tamura, something or other. Most of these are people know nothing about everything and certainly do not know the right question to ask. This is the NFL’s problem. They can fix it or ignore it. This is a non-issue for all teams.


will have detailed info on mike golic and his 1979 attempts at being athletic and falling far short.
when this is complete he will no longer have much to say to his morning tv partner about
not being very coordinated.
i was there. i witnessed it. comedy at it”s best