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hairy reid. now just who exactly is the fucking terrorist here?
this whole mess is a result of the gov’t. trying to collect a debt by using a gun
what is the need for machine guns, helicopters and snipers
also hairy you and the governor could have stopped this nonsense
the silent majority is awakening

this is all about one thing only: the people of this country are telling the government that
“we do not under any circumstances want you acting in this manner to collect money or property
from an individual citizen.”
the government collects debts from people all of the time. when it happens we don’t usually see 1000 of our
citizens arm themselves with weapons, get in their truck and drive many miles to go and protect a fellow
citizen as in this case from troops and snipers armed with machine guns.
aren’t the people telling their government that something is really wrong here. the people have been
pushed to ask questions here. so hairy reid and the rest of you where are the answers?

when i win it will be just like 1981 when iran was holding our hostages
and all knew to well what was going to happen the day Reagan was to take office
the day i take office, whatever law enforcement is available will be sent to bunkerville to
protect our united states, nevada citizens.

next: we will revisit every peice of land in our state that possibly belongs to the
state or should have been returned to the state at some point in time. we will fix it.

another reason for term limits.

please read a comment on this subject under the item titled “take it back