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c= vietnam vet

2% home interest rates across the board. 3% for investment homes and ? for multi units

credit card interest rates capped at 6%. can only be raised if you are delinquent. legal loan sharking will end in nevada

be the model for other states to follow. set the bar high

have a plan to work with the NFL to raise money for breast cancer research, struggling ex-NFL players and the veterans facility. there is more than a few billion dollars on the table here
i am waiting for the NFL to contact me. it is a simple plan and the fans will love it.

gov. will donate a portion of his salary to 3 fundraiser projects. veterans facility for every vet in america, breast cancer research and youth sports facilities for those who do not have it. specifically baseball
all kids who do not have this opportunity, now will have. will build fields throughout the state and we will help push to increase the number of kids who participate
in little league. there will be a state youth sports commission formed. other spots will be addressed also. all kids need to be involved in something with teamwork,
goals, boundaries, competition and much more. give them the right medicine when they are young and then keep them off the streets when they get older. Fatherhood

health care: follow present admin. model. if you want to keep your health care doctor you can keep him. that is exactly what we will do. they said it and we will take them at their word.

will use eminent domain and GEO ( governors executive order) to effectuate some of our plans. just doing things the way the admin in wash.d.c. does it.

raises for the (big 3) police ( includes highway patrol), teachers and firefighters

how to get money for the 3 fundraiser projects and the raises for the (big 3). 1 state lottery 2. toll booths to be set up around borders of most all state highways. 3. increase license fees at dmv(especially certain ones)
have spoken to some casino owners and they will participate

expand police authority to deal with those who have or will abuse kids in youth activities (sports etc.) retro-active. will use GEO
any physical abuse of women and children will be dealt with in the same way. if anyone is guilty of some of this stuff better leave town now.
the same goes for certain fucks who think it is ok to harass women in the workplace. you know who you are. pay up. if  you think this is going away, think again. the word is relentless.

term limit everyone in the state and investigate all finances of any who has been around longer than 2 terms. attention FBI: start with hairy reid
the best thing about this is that most all of the present lawmakers have assured me they vote with me on these issues


about the cand

1.resident of nevada since 1976

xtra info #9

More on tarkanian/ unlv/ ncaa/ reggie bush/ ucla/ leach&james

this man will be properly honored
and not by putting his name on a floor
will be discussing tarkanian and the incomparable ralph readout
also mr. jackass maxim, check on grant money
and the unlv athletic program that we no longer have and how to fix it. a sea of scarlet and gray
reno? Ault

jim harrick


this subject is two parts. national and local
in both cases the most important thing that most people want is the creation of jobs.
we are not talking about government created jobs. you have to create a business friendly climate which include tax structures and incentives
that will put the small business entrapaneur in a comfortable enough position to be willing to risk $300,000-$5000,000 and upwards of 1 million dollars or more to start a business.
we need many people to start a business not just a few. right now the climate in this country is for business to cut hours and reduce the number of employees. why is this ? probably
because of over-bearing government intervention and regulations.
1. national
the 2 most inspiring u.s.national figures in the last 1oo years
more to come  the base of 2 parties are comfortable and did not feel restrained in any way
we need someone who inspires ,ent,con we do not have it. it does not exsist  as we are presently structured

2. local
am in the process of interviewing local businessmen for their thoughts on incentives needed for start up businesses and
expansion of an exsisting business
you have to start somewhere and i prefer to talk to people who have an interest in our state.

discuss where the money will come from

licensing fees!!!!!! on politicians with over 2 terms.

credit cards bs