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Floxing/ fluoroquinolone toxicity (have you been floxed)

i have just recently been introduced to this issue and i am certainly no authority on the subject.
there are claims by people that floxing is a condition that comes to people as a result of the taking of
certain drugs. the drugs are causing critical and life threatening damage to people.
it would appear to me that if our tax paying citizens are making such claims, then
these claims should be looked into.

google fluoroquinolone toxicity to find out more on what these drugs appear to be doing to people.

besides people in power in washington d.c. have been recently staying up all night looking into
global warming, minimum wage, how much coke we are drinking, whether or not we should be
allowed to eat at mcdonalds or burger king, being concerned if walmart is making to much
profit, the debt ceiling, printing money to pay bills (it’s kind of like legal counterfeiting).   and more!!!!!
i wonder if they are discussing the money they borrowed and/or stole from the social security fund.

it doesn’t appear that the majority leader from nevada hairy reid has any problem discussing
that he and his staff needs to be exempt from the health care law.
hairy has time to change laws in henderson nevada for his son to become district attorney . hairy has
another son who just happens to get some contract to run all of the soccer fields in las vegas
land owned  raises health care and retire pkg. am i missing something hairy

what else hairy? maybe at the next senate meeting you can trade 2 votes for 10 acres in
south carolina which just happens to be a piece of land that is soon to be re-zoned freeway off-ramp. by golly!

people in government know of this and are ignoring it. hairy reid is well aware of this issue.
now why would this be?
probably to busy out making deals to suit themselves and build up their bank accounts

i can assure you of one thing, when i am elected, i will investigate this claim
on behalf of our citizen’s i will do what a governor should do. i will respond to
their requests. this issue and others like it will not be ignored.

here is another reason for term limits
too many blowhard politicians (who all need to be term limited) who are worried about holding on to their spot, ( see spot in section on info geo and the spot)
all need to wake up and help the people you were elected to serve.

will be listing other sites you can visit that discuss and help clarify the issue.

once again richard nixon’s silent majority is awakening

i promise as god is my witness that when i am elected this issue and others like it will be investigated and not ignored.

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