Platform 2014

I am ready!

National Term Limits: this is the only issue that if addressed properly will begin to fix the mess this country is in.

Two terms (total) in the house or senate is enough. anything more and you get what we now have. A bunch of  lie, cheat and steal, no count worm bastards running our country. They have no interest in our citizens. They pass laws that apply to everyone, but not to them. Who are these assholes anyway. Anyone who stays there more than 2 terms can’t help but lose sight of the job they were elected to do. If allowed to stay beyond their welcome (2 terms) time passes and the only thing they seem to be interested in is Monty Hall (Let’s Make A Deal). The deal they make usually is with some blowhard lobbyist thief. When I go to Washington I can assure you that I will be effective. Why? because I do not want to be there. I promise one thing with out a doubt. I will make everyone that has been there more than 2 terms sorry they ever met me. They are not going to know on moments peace on God”s green earth.They are going to leave or wish they had. They are going to understand what the word mother-fucker means. That will be me. Please understand that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of  justice is no virtue. (Barry Goldwater). In and of itself term limits is not the only answer needed, but it would be a great start.

When this great nation was formed, people were called to serve in government. They went to Washington, their state capital or wherever needed. They served and then went back home to their real job. There was no money to be made or stolen. Today you can’t get these fucks to leave. What is the attraction to stay? There’s got to be one. Washington does not have a Hawaiian oceanfront nearby. They can all go back to their home state and have a mistress.  The American people need to wake up and ask themselves a question. Why do these people want to be there so long? If you know the answer then you need to take the next step and do something about it.

In order to accomplish this goal, unfortunately we will probablly need the help of some spineless media people. This will be a grass roots effort. This will take a tremendous effort by many people. I don’t know that there is a media person out there with the guts to help this cause. One of the problems is that many think that government can’t run without all of these people of experience. I’m sorry folks but the wheel is not broken. Government can run fine without them and their experience. Besides look where they and there experience has gotten us up to this point. People without that much experience probably never would have thought of robbing and bankrupting the social security fund.!!!  Remember now that”s the fund that’s supposed to have the lockbox.

I can tell you one thing for certain. I do not want to be there for 2 terms. I don’t even want to be there 2 weeks  having to deal with all these should be convicts, but as long as I am there I will not give up and I will not give in. The only thing I will enjoy is getting under their skin. I promise that I will make everyone as uncomfortable and (ms.) miserable as possible. Ask anyone who knows me and you will find that I am quite capable.

If we don’t term limit these bastards, this cluster-fuck will never end.

I am ready!  since i did not get elected as senator in past years, i will try and do it from nevada as governor when the next opportunity arises.
it’s a clear cut plan:       national term limits is the central focus and main issue in this campaign

the country is at a critical point in her history

will try to achieve national term limits with a grass roots movement from the state level
we expect that other states will follow

talking about 30 to 40 different issues in washington is accomplishing nothing
except lining the pockets of a chosen few.

i have been told that my ideas are a little bit extreme.
Who said this? “i would remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. and
let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”  ( Barry Goldwater 1964).
given the state of our country, i would say that extreme and radical measures are necessary.

the effects of borrowing money.  there is no money in the social security trust fund. the only way
people get there check each month is because they borrow it from somewhere within the government
structure or they print it. this leaves us with the jackpot question.”what will we do when other countries stop
loaning us money?” the party will be over. printing money would be the only option left, which would be
the beginning of the end. what if all countries decide to stop selling us oil next week?

here is another issue: the most largely funded and liquid money available is in large companies
pension and retirement funds. our government knows this all to well. in the 90’s the gov’t tried to
borrow against these funds, but were stopped. it is a treasure chest of money. it’s liquid and ripe for
the taking. be sure that the government will try again. wasn’t hilary clinton there in the 90’s. 2016
is around the corner. what is the plan? borrow the money and then print money to pay it back. if
they get a hold of these funds call frank sinatra up to sing “and now the end is near.”

our country is ready for a collapse

we should all thank the present administration for starting to wake up
“Richard Nixon’s silent majority”

want to thank John Ralston from TV channel 3 for his support. ( next post or at end )

remember this: “if we refuse to fight for the dignity of truth we have substituted expediency for justice.”

more to come soon.

Info,disrupt, model state, plan, the spot and GEO JFK

my name is Gary Marinch and i am a republican candidate for Nevada governor in 2014.
i am a Vietnam veteran. i already volunteered once to die for this country. therefore i do not care about what
i say, who i say it to or what anyone fucking thinks about what i have said.

i promise to try and disrupt every politician in this country who has been around for more than 2 terms.
i can assure you that i am capable of disrupting.
all these bastards need to go home, so we can possibly save this country by finding some people
who care more about the state of the country than than they do about exempting themselves from
the laws they pass and getting re-elected. this is not about one party, it’s about every politician.
it’s not about taking, it’s about giving.
who said: “i give, you give, we get, you can’t out give GOD”

you must understand that this is not about me or just the state of nevada
it is about the state of the country

“Congress shall make no law:

  Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of  the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators, Representatives of Congress;  and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or  Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States   ….”

the plan will be to make nevada the model state for others to follow.

the spot is the key to the campaign!!!!!!!!
6% credit card rate cap coming and 2% interest rates on home loans (see economy)

media and the spot   this is clearly one of the most important subjects i will discuss need for grass roots why not upset list
byrd at end  c say what nec not trying to hold on to spot

outrageous , maybe so, goldwater not about one party

GEO = governors executive order

i think that my opponent is probably going to vote for me.
JFK: an american hero: anyone who was with Marylin Monroe is a hero to all men.


all lobbyists need to be given 2 weeks notice to leave Washington for good. If they do not leave then put the bastards in front of a firing squad.
this will no longer be a profession in Nevada.
but  we will leave this up to the citizen’s and if they really want it then we will need to
implement  a licensing fee of $500,000 per year, retro-active of course, 15 to 20 years.
if there are no lobbyists then the (Monty Hall) lie, cheat and steal bastard  politicians will have less people to make deals with.


We need to investigate every current member of the house and senate, that has 
been in office more than 2 terms or is running for a third term. The F.B.I. 
should do the investigation. What needs to be checked is the net worth of each 
of these individuals today and compare it to the day they came to Washington. If 
anything appears out of line there will be no problem, because each one of them 
will without a doubt be able to explain how they have for years been working on 
behalf of the American people. Of course I prefer to give all the bastards the 
benefit of the doubt, because I’m sure that none of them would try to line their 
slimeball pockets. I don’t think we should limit the investigtion. It should 
include all immediate family members of our beloved representatives just to be 
Democratic and fair. The reason I ask for the investigation is that I can’t 
imagine why these people would want to stay in Washington so long. You are not 
supposed to be there to make money for yourself . Are we not there to do the 
work of the people? I represent the state of Nevada and I think that it is only 
fair that we start the investigation here in Nevada. I ask that the F.B.I. 
consider this as my official request on behalf of the American people to start 
the investigation now. We probably won’t find anything, since this is one of the 
most trustworthy groups of individuals in the country. On the other hand, it’s 
nice that we as a people can police ourselves and show that everything is above 
board.  2 questions come up. 1) What is the big attraction in Washington D. C.? 
2) Should not all of these people be in a hurry to go back home to their real 
job where they earn their living and make their real money?
since the state of nevada wants to lead the way
let the investigation begin right here and now in nevada with hairy reid.

Teachers, Police, Firemen, Highway Patrol

all will be getting raises, without question.
once again the key subject here is raises and we will make some of them retro-active.
we may go back 10-15 years and have retro-active pay.
we know that the state has money put aside that can be used to effectuate this plan.
also there are other means to get more money for what is needed.   read economy               (lotto, toll booths, dmv
increases for those who do not have a drivers license).

all will get one. did not hairy reid get a raise this year. isn’t his retirement building up nicely
don’t all politicians have a great health care plan, different than the one being pushed on
our citizens.

all will be getting raises, this includes highway patrol. there will be raises. end of story.
we will revisit some of their contracts over the last 15 to 20 years and if there are some inequities we will make corrections
and even if nothing is wrong, we may just give them a nice fat stipend for their service. as always if the state lawmakers do not
act, then we will use GEO.


Floxing/ fluoroquinolone toxicity (have you been floxed)

i have just recently been introduced to this issue and i am certainly no authority on the subject.
there are claims by people that floxing is a condition that comes to people as a result of the taking of
certain drugs. the drugs are causing critical and life threatening damage to people.
it would appear to me that if our tax paying citizens are making such claims, then
these claims should be looked into.

google fluoroquinolone toxicity to find out more on what these drugs appear to be doing to people.

besides people in power in washington d.c. have been recently staying up all night looking into
global warming, minimum wage, how much coke we are drinking, whether or not we should be
allowed to eat at mcdonalds or burger king, being concerned if walmart is making to much
profit, the debt ceiling, printing money to pay bills (it’s kind of like legal counterfeiting).   and more!!!!!
i wonder if they are discussing the money they borrowed and/or stole from the social security fund.

it doesn’t appear that the majority leader from nevada hairy reid has any problem discussing
that he and his staff needs to be exempt from the health care law.
hairy has time to change laws in henderson nevada for his son to become district attorney . hairy has
another son who just happens to get some contract to run all of the soccer fields in las vegas
land owned  raises health care and retire pkg. am i missing something hairy

what else hairy? maybe at the next senate meeting you can trade 2 votes for 10 acres in
south carolina which just happens to be a piece of land that is soon to be re-zoned freeway off-ramp. by golly!

people in government know of this and are ignoring it. hairy reid is well aware of this issue.
now why would this be?
probably to busy out making deals to suit themselves and build up their bank accounts

i can assure you of one thing, when i am elected, i will investigate this claim
on behalf of our citizen’s i will do what a governor should do. i will respond to
their requests. this issue and others like it will not be ignored.

here is another reason for term limits
too many blowhard politicians (who all need to be term limited) who are worried about holding on to their spot, ( see spot in section on info geo and the spot)
all need to wake up and help the people you were elected to serve.

will be listing other sites you can visit that discuss and help clarify the issue.

once again richard nixon’s silent majority is awakening

i promise as god is my witness that when i am elected this issue and others like it will be investigated and not ignored.

other things we will try and discuss/vets/McCain bs/ redskins

McCain full of it. you have known of the problem with the VA for
20 years, but assholes have time to go after the washington redskins.
#1 asshole hairy reid and his little petition to save indian nation but not
a word to help veteran’s. he needs to take his retirement money and go to his
favorite vacation spot, lake fuckhead/dickhead.


hairy reid. now just who exactly is the fucking terrorist here?
this whole mess is a result of the gov’t. trying to collect a debt by using a gun
what is the need for machine guns, helicopters and snipers
also hairy you and the governor could have stopped this nonsense
the silent majority is awakening

this is all about one thing only: the people of this country are telling the government that
“we do not under any circumstances want you acting in this manner to collect money or property
from an individual citizen.”
the government collects debts from people all of the time. when it happens we don’t usually see 1000 of our
citizens arm themselves with weapons, get in their truck and drive many miles to go and protect a fellow
citizen as in this case from troops and snipers armed with machine guns.
aren’t the people telling their government that something is really wrong here. the people have been
pushed to ask questions here. so hairy reid and the rest of you where are the answers?

when i win it will be just like 1981 when iran was holding our hostages
and all knew to well what was going to happen the day Reagan was to take office
the day i take office, whatever law enforcement is available will be sent to bunkerville to
protect our united states, nevada citizens.

next: we will revisit every peice of land in our state that possibly belongs to the
state or should have been returned to the state at some point in time. we will fix it.

another reason for term limits.

please read a comment on this subject under the item titled “take it back

Economy/ Health Care

health care:
we trust and take our present administration at their word.
so, as far as i am concerned you will be able to keep your doctor and your health plan

will offer a plan similar to what the school districts have similar to the united/ sierra plan
for those who do not have one or for those who were stroked by the present administration.


the state of nevada has money and we will distribute it back to the people.

make no mistake, this economy is in a mess. the banks are still holding on to foreclosures
in a good economy they would not do that. to say that the unemployment rate is under 10% is
a lie. it is at least 16-18%.
to revive this pitiful climate that has been created we need something or someone that we do not have.
we need someone to inspire the entrapaneur to invest upwards of a million dollars to start a new business or expand an exsisting one.
in order for this to happen you need to be confident in your leader in the white house. i will call this entrapaneurial confidence.
do not see it and it is not to there. the last 2 presidents to have it were Kennedy and Reagan and they had it big time.
they inspired the hell out of there base and the other party had no problem with business
as usual, moving forward and taking a little risk. it’s not there today.

so we we need to move forward with our own state plans.

plan on how we will pay for some of the items that i have proposed, such as:
1: the raises for teachers, police, hwy. patrol and firemen.
there are at least 3 ways to raise money to help pay for these raises, in addition to the large war chest of money
that the state has built up.

2. the fundraising for breast cancer, veteran’s and athletic fields, has a
plan that is coming soon.

until we pass national term limits we will have a new filing fee
for anyone who feels the need to stay in office for more than 2 terms. for a u.s. senate position it will
be $250,000. the law will be immediately passed by nevada lawmakers or we can
just use GEO.

6% int. maximum for credit cards

“important” the effects of borrowing money !!!!!!

CCSD and all school districts and PERS

there are some definite issues here that need to be addressed and they will
get your books in order fast
pay raises for teachers, deans and principals/ asst. principals
20% pay cuts for some of the people making $125k to $250k and up.
i know some of you can’t wait to hear more.

it appears that some people here have a conflict of interest

attention ccsd: teachers will be getting raises.

attention parents: the reason we do not have good behavior in the classroom that we want,
the high quality of student that we always want, along with good grades and high test scores on SAT exams’
is not the fault of the teachers in the high percentage of cases. we do not need a system being proposed to grade teachers.
the problem is look in the mirror. it’s not the teachers, it’s the parents. if parenting is done properly
the problems are minimal. Fatherhood is is an answer to the problem.
we have some fathers in this country who do not understand there role in life